City of Casey EMA - Coordinating Casey's Emergency Response     (217) 508-9391

Mission Statement: The mission of the City of Casey Emergency Management Agency is to prevent, minimize, repair and alleviate injury or damage resulting from natural or man-made disasters, major emergencies, enemy attack, sabotage or other hostile action in accordance with the Illinois Emergency Management Act. It is a deliberately broad mission. Our primary responsibilities are accomplished through the coordination and support of all disaster preparedness, planning, response and recovery efforts of the City of Casey, its private organizations, businesses and the public.

Who We Are and What We Do

Casey's EMA is a diverse group of trained emergency professionals including EMTs, firefighters, First Responders, united in a deep desire to serve the community in the event of an emergency.

The City of Casey EMA has the responsibility of planning for, coordinating, responding to and recovering from all disasters, whether natural or man-made. From tornadoes to severe storms, plane crashes to train wrecks, explosions, fires, floods and earthquakes, efficient responses need to be planned for all potential emergencies. This agency is critically important to have in place to save lives and property should the need arise.

We accomplish our mission through different methods including developing emergency plans and conducting disaster exercises. We provide crowd management, traffic control and security at special events and disasters; are prepared to set up and man emergency shelters in the event of an emergency; engage in weather spotting during storms; and lend support to other emergency agencies, including the ambulance, fire and police services.

For information on the state Emergency Management Agency, please explore the following link:

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